Google Pixel 2 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal Tracker (2017)

This fall is set to be huge for Google as its new smartphone offerings come up against those of the big players like Apple, Samsung et al. The tech scene is starting to bubble with rumours about its new release, the Pixel 2, which is likely to have a destructive impact on the scene. We will be providing you with the inns and outs of the Google Pixel 2 as well as its first generation cousins the Pixel & XL. We will also be scouting out for the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Pixel deals in due course!

Best Google Pixel 2 Deals

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We expect the Google Pixel 2 to be the talk of the town this fall. Plenty of speculation has been coming out of Silicon Valley about this upgraded model with some suggesting the Pixel 2 to have an upgraded 6-inch HD ready AMOLED screen, upgraded camera capabilities and a dust and waterproof design. Others have speculated of a huge leap in processing power thanks to Qualcomm’s yet to be announced next generation Snapdragon 836 chip. All we know is that this is likely to be a kick-ass piece of kit! With all this in mind we can no doubt expect the Pixel 2 to be on the expensive side and so will update you with the best Black Friday deals as they come.

google pixel photo Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Google Pixel & XL Deals

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The Google Pixel and its larger brother the Google XL were released just in time for Cyber Monday last year. These smartphones combine fantastic screen quality with a fast internal processor and were also voted to have the best camera in the game by DoX Mark. Enjoy taking photos at your will as Google also offer unlimited photos and video space on their Google Photos cloud service.

google pixel 32gb Black Fridaygoogle pixel 32gb Black Friday

Unlocked Google Pixel Deals

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If you aren’t keen to tie yourself down on a lengthy contract you are free to buy an unlocked version of the Google Pixel models. We are listing the best Google Pixel Cyber Monday deals for these unlocked models.

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