Nest 3rd Gen Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal Tracker (2017)

Check out the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday live deals on Nest third generation home gear. From HD cameras to smart thermostats, step your smart home game up a gear with these neat Nest products.

Best Nest 3rd Generation Deals

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Marking the third update to the Nest smart home range, the 3rd generation of Nest products are the best in terms of design, functionality and ease of use. As someone who doesn’t like having to press too many buttons to get things to do what they’re supposed to, I was pleasantly surprised to find that most Nest products set themselves up on their own. Take the Nest thermostat for example – you simply stick it on your wall, adjust the temperature a couple times and it quickly learns about how warm you like your house at different times of the day.

Nest Indoor Cam Black Friday

Nest Indoor & Outdoor Cam Deals

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If you’re like me, you value your home security and want to keep your personal belongings safe at all times. I tend to travel a lot for work and vacations though, and my mind always wonders to what’s happening inside and outside my home. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pair of eyes and ears watching and listening to activity in and around your home while you’re away? Well, that’s exactly what Nest cameras provide.

Nest Outdoor Cam Black Friday

Nest Smart Thermostat Deals

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Adjusting the temperature and forgetting to turn off the heating in your home is not only annoying – it can cost you money on your energy bill. Nest smart thermostats learn about when you’re normally at home and when you’re normally away – at work for example. After you’ve adjusted the temperature a few times for the first week, you never really need to touch the Nest thermostat again. It will heat up in the morning in time for your wake up routine and cool down at night to save you money.

Nest Thermostat Black Friday